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Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes

21st century engineers is the top-level strategic mission for the Department of Engineering - inspiring future generations of engineers, equipping them with the best integrated engineering education, and engaging them at the leading-edge of engineering thinking, so that they can change the world.

Four research themes open opportunities for adventurous research and address major challenges:

Creating sustainable integrated solutions for the provision of energy, transport, information, buildings, water and waste treatment in the context of the urban environment.

Transforming our engineered world by understanding the whole process from the fundamentals of understanding materials, through design, to manufacturing, and including service and reuse.

Applying the engineering approach to understanding biological systems and supporting innovation in healthcare, creating new knowledge, solutions for biological and medical applications, and biologically-inspired solutions elsewhere in engineering.

Developing modelling, simulation and analytical methods for understanding large complex systems and ensuring their resilience through new approaches to optimisation, decision-making and control and human-like intelligence.