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News stories archive - 2019

News stories archive - 2019

Ying with her trophy

Alumna Ying Wan Loh is the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year

19 Dec 2019

Alumna Ying Wan Loh has been announced Young Woman Engineer of the Year by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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Smog-eating graphene composite reduces atmospheric pollution

18 Dec 2019

An international group of scientists have developed a graphene composite that can ‘eat’ common atmospheric pollutants, and could be used as a coating on pavements or buildings.

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Reaching for the skies

17 Dec 2019

Getting planes in the air – and keeping them there – is a complex, expensive business, responsible for more than 2% of the world’s fossil fuel-based CO2 emissions

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Speeding to the top

16 Dec 2019

Oliver Turvey scarcely had time to cushion the brakes when combining a University of Cambridge degree course with a burgeoning career as a motor-racing driver.

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Dr James Taylor’s advances in jet engine technology honoured with award

16 Dec 2019

Dr James Taylor, Rolls-Royce Compressor Research Fellow at the Department’s Whittle Laboratory, has been awarded a medal for two significant breakthroughs in jet engine compressor technology.

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Alumni James Strachan and James Hyde

Engineering graduates' business ranked among the fastest growing in Europe

12 Dec 2019

We last caught up with alumni James Hyde and James Strachan in 2011 when their fulfilment business was less than a year old. Today it’s one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe

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Zero Carbon Hackathon encourages students to rethink material use in construction

11 Dec 2019

Cambridge PhD students joined their peers from 10 European countries to participate in a ‘Zero Carbon Hackathon’ set up to find ways to tackle carbon emissions from cement manufacture.

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A personal electronic memory bank for your conversations

09 Dec 2019

Kristalic, a startup co-founded by 2 alumni is building an AI-powered assistant designed to record work-related conversations and capture all the data in an easy-to-digest searchable format.

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Students submit tips on preparing for University interviews

05 Dec 2019

A website offering insider tips from well over a thousand Oxbridge students aims to support applicants who may have less understanding of the interview process.

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Motorcycle racer Guy Martin visits Cambridge ahead of his ‘great escape’

04 Dec 2019

The Great Escape film shows one of the most iconic motorcycle stunts in movie history. Cambridge engineer Dr Hugh Hunt helps motorcycle racer Guy Martin prepare to recreate the jump.

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