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News stories archive - 2022

News stories archive - 2022

Participant with access needs performs usability testing in Virtual Reality

Five ways the metaverse could be revolutionary for people with disabilities

28 Nov 2022

The invention of the world wide web in 1989 eventually brought about life-changing tools for everyone who can access it.

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New postgraduate courses to enable innovation in the healthcare sector

24 Nov 2022

The Healthcare Innovation Programme is a set of three successive part-time courses designed to fit with the demands of full-time employment.

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Quantum technology in the UK: challenges for commercialisation

23 Nov 2022

As quantum technologies mature, firms are considering how they can apply these technologies to industry, and how they can innovate business models to capture opportunities and deliver value.

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Miniaturised biosensors for minimally invasive implants

22 Nov 2022

A new method for the miniaturisation of biosensors will enable new possibilities for minimally invasive implants. 

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Cambridge bakery Fitzbillies

The Students, The Bakers, The Chelsea Bun Makers...

21 Nov 2022

How lockdown, a Lego model and a group of Cambridge students helped turn a 100-year-old Cambridge institution into a thriving online business.

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NanoFuture Scholars and the programme coordinator (front right).

Pioneering new approaches to postgraduate widening participation

17 Nov 2022

The NanoDTC ran a new postgraduate widening participation internship programme exposing students with only limited prior research experience to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

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Presidential Prize for Sustainability in Transportation

14 Nov 2022

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight has won the inaugural 2022 IEEE ITSS Presidential Prize for Sustainability in Transportation.

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Professor John Orr – 2022 Philip Leverhulme Prize winner

09 Nov 2022

Professor John Orr has been announced a winner of the 2022 Philip Leverhulme Prize, securing £100,000 to advance his research in the field of construction and structural engineering.

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Dr. Vincent Fortuin

Prior knowledge can help machine learning models – Dr. Vincent Fortuin receives prestigious fellowship

03 Nov 2022

Dr. Vincent Fortuin has been selected for The Branco Weiss Fellowship, a program for outstanding postdoctoral researchers hosted by ETH Zurich.

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A home for all – exploring England’s housing needs alongside national climate and biodiversity goals

01 Nov 2022

How do we meet society’s housing needs without relying on emissions-intensive housing expansion that potentially conflicts with England’s climate and biodiversity targets?

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