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News stories archive - 2023

News stories archive - 2023

Decarbonisation of the UK's complex and interconnected transport infrastructures

23 Nov 2023

A new national research hub will help to upgrade and decarbonise the UK’s complex and interconnected national, regional and local transport infrastructures.

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Alumni stories: Meet the structural engineer whose work bridges art, architecture and engineering

20 Nov 2023

“To be a structural engineer means to be a creator: our ideas become reality.” These are the words of alumnus David Knight – the 2023 Early Career Prize winner, awarded by the IABSE.

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Morphing cones under compression: new research uncovers surprises for soft robotic actuators

16 Nov 2023

Engineers investigating the load-bearing capacity of conical shells, made from soft materials, discover performance-limiting weaknesses that could have implications for soft robotics.

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Hassan Ahmed and Oussama Chaib

Double top spots for Cambridge

15 Nov 2023

Two PhD students were awarded top prizes at the Institute for Physics (IOP) "Forum for Research Students and Early Career Researchers"

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Artist’s illustration of an electronic polymer in water conducting both ionic and electronic charges. Credit: Scott Keene

Surprising discovery unlocks faster charging in bioelectronic devices

13 Nov 2023

A new study reveals a surprising discovery that could transform the future of electrochemical devices. 

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Professor Gopal Madabhushi elected as Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers

09 Nov 2023

Professor Gopal Madabhushi, Director of the Schofield Centre and Head of the Geotechnical Group, has been elected to the Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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Death tolls from climate disasters will ‘balloon’ without investment in Africa’s weather stations

08 Nov 2023

Investment in ‘hydromet systems’ using technologies from AI to SMS would provide a nine-to-one ROI in saved lives and assets across African nations.

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Cambridge University Robotics society crowned Engineering Society of the Year 2023

06 Nov 2023

Cambridge University Robotics society has been named Engineering Society of the Year in a national awards ceremony, set up to celebrate the diversity of the engineering/tech profession.

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It’s high time for alliances to ensure supply chain security, researchers urge

02 Nov 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the interconnected nature of global supply chains, and showed how a disruption in one part of the world can have global effects.

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Alumni stories: Meet Simon Coombs – a leader with the engineering know-how

01 Nov 2023

Have you ever taken a Tripos exam in the morning, rowed in the May Bumps in the afternoon and conducted a College concert in the evening? For alumnus Simon Coombs, this is the case

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