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Engineering events in National Science Week

Engineering events in National Science Week

Many members of CUED are actively supporting Cambridge University's National Science Week this year:

Professor Roberto Cipolla is lecturing to school children (Key Stage 3/4) on the topic "Machines that see" as part of the Schools Roadshow;

Professor Mark Welland is lecturing on "The Nanoworld" at the Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road at 2.30 pm on Saturday 23rd March.

Dr PeterLong is co-ordinating two hands-on activities for the first Saturday, 16th March, 10am -4pm:

  • 'Whizzy Windmills' in which children are invited to design and build propellors which will either be tested as to speed or efficiency in producing electricity, and;
  • 'Boat Race Challenge' in which participants are given a kit from which to build a boat (using an electric motor and propellor) and then race it.

In addition to these activities, over 300 children will be visiting the Department in the following week (18 - 22 March inclusive),to attend an event co-ordinated by Doug Isgrove with SATRO :

"Project Launch Pad"

for Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11) pupils, when around 300 children will visit the Department to find out about what engineers do and take part in various engineering related activities, including building a rocket. A description of the project can be seen at:

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