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From Mir to here

05 Nov 2003

Space - is living there easy? Just how do you clean you teeth? What do you eat? Can you blow your nose?

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5th International Symposium on Impact Engineering

29 Oct 2003

The 5th International Symposium on Impact Engineering will be held in Cambridge in July 2004 with Bill Stronge, Professor of Applied Mechanics at CUED chairing the organising committee.

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Allan McRobie wins award for innovation

26 Oct 2003

Allan McRobie, a Reader in Structural Engineering, has been awarded a NESTA Fellowship worth £75,000 over three years from July 2003.

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Digital TV - A wake-up call for industry

16 Oct 2003

A report published in September by John Clarkson and Simeon Keates on 'Investigating the inclusivity of digital television set-top box receivers' has been hitting the headlines.

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The 8th Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium

23 Sep 2003

A two-day event, organised by the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) on behalf of the International Manufacturing Network (IMNet), will take place on 25-26 September.

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CUEA Annual Conference, 27th September 2003

17 Sep 2003

This year's CUEA conference will have a biomedical theme and will be held on Saturday 27th September to coincide with the University's alumni weekend.

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Breakthrough on sudden cardiac death

10 Sep 2003

A lecture given recently by Dr Richard Saumarez at the European Working Party on Arrhythmias was described by the President as "a breakthrough that opens a window on sudden cardiac death".

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Howard Brody Award

28 Aug 2003

Congratulations to Andrew Ashcroft and Professor Bill Stronge on gaining the Howard Brody award for best paper.

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Making the Most of Production

19 Aug 2003

A new Report from the Department's Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) highlights production as a key factor for success in innovation.

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Best Paper Awards

27 Jul 2003

Congratulations to Dr Abir Al-Tabbaa and Dr Janet Lees, both of whom have been awarded prizes for research papers in civil engineering this year.

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