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Mechanics, Materials and Design

Mechanics, Materials and Design

Strategic Aim: Extending fundamental and applied research in mechanics, materials, and design; exploiting cross-disciplinary partnerships across the University; and building on existing strengths to develop excellence in bioengineering and healthcare systems research.

This Division researches many aspects of mechanics, materials, bio-mechanics and engineering design.  It is led by Professor Michael Sutcliffe.

The research in Applied Mechanics is directed at many challenging dynamics and vibration problems associated with the design of modern engineering structures at all length scales – from atomic structures and MEMS devices to the largest man-made structures.

The research into Materials is concerned with composites, superconductors, lattice structures and metallic foams, as well as material processing and joining.

In Engineering Design, the focus is on development, validation and dissemination of advanced design methods, whether those are aimed at technical, social or socio-technical systems.

In Biomechanics, engineering principles taken from the traditional disciplines of mechanics and materials are applied to biological systems, with applications in biology, biotechnology and medicine.