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Research Facilities in Manufacturing and Management

Research Facilities in Manufacturing and Management

The Manufacturing and Management Division (known as the Institute for Manufacturing) is based at the Alan Reece Building: a 3150m2 building, purpose-built in 2009.

The facilities incorporate modern accommodation for researchers in addition to a flexible teaching space for its undergraduate, postgraduate, executive education and conference programmes.

The Alan Reece Building also houses 870m2 of laboratory space, dedicated to research in:

  • industrial automation;
  • industrial photonics;
  • inkjet technology;
  • nano-manufacturing.

Recent investments have been made to build research capability including:

  • full rebuilding and upgrading of manufacturing conveyor system equipped with robots, turntables, assembly and test cells and a 5-axis Mazak machining centre, instrumented with RFID readers, PLCs and vision systems;
  • new laser processing laboratories housing high-power modern industrial lasers, including ultrafast fibre laser facilities, ranging from 20 W to 4 kW;
  • holography suite for photonics processing;
  • new nanofabrication laboratories housing thin film device preparation, optical and electron metrology and laser beam diagnostics, with new Focused Ion Beam machine;
  • new laboratories for high-speed imaging and diagnostic techniques for inkjet research including micro-PIV and high-speed holography, as well as facilities for lab-scale inkjet printing, including new instrumentation.

Small Research Facility

The Centre for Industrial Photonics is now able offer our extensive variety of photonics equipment and resources to hire for your own usage to those who have the relevant laser safety training. Our selected list of equipment is available to hire by members of the University of Cambridge and externals. Full training will be given before we allow you use.

For further information, including rates, please contact Sophie Fuller