Department of Engineering

Strategy, Management and Design for Resilience

Strategy, Management and Design for Resilience

Engineering resilience throughout an engineered operation from the shop floor to the board room


Creating principled models of uncertainty and risk for a product, operation, service or business is a significant challenge. It is primarily addressed at the technical engineering level in the mission on the dynamics and stability of complex systems. Translating these new models and principles into a wider understanding of resilience is another and very difficult step. This is the challenge at the heart of this mission: creating a path from new theory and mathematics to practical decision-making and design at all levels of an operation. This involves addressing disparate uncertainties and risks in a single analysis ranging from competitive business threats to the effects of global climate change. The prize for success is much greater resilience for commercial or public sector operations.


The ambition is to work with colleagues across the University to crack this problem with the Department gaining an international reputation connecting its work on engineering theory and modelling through to practical decision-making for resilience in engineered systems.


Activities include: