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Energy Group

The research of the Energy Group is associated with the effective generation and use of energy. Much of the work is driven by the need to meet environmental constraints and is targeted towards a cleaner, more sustainable world. Noise is often an unwanted by-product of energetic processes and research is undertaken to reduce noise particularly of aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters, cars and power plants. Activity in the group includes the modelling and control of combustion and its products, both in IC engines and gas turbines, with complementary activity in computational combustion. Continuing pressures to improve combustion system efficiency has led to many new challenges related to maintaining combustion stability especially in aviation engines.  

Members of the group are involved in novel techniques for carbon capture and CO2 abatement in general. This includes detailed investigations into specific technologies, with a large effort on processes which are based on gasification, combustion and thermochemical cycles, as well as more general process and reactor modelling and sustainability assessment, including chemical looping. New directions include the characterisation of the physical efficiency limits for energy devices and systems and providing a consistent framework for evaluating energy demand reduction options and emissions abatement strategies. In part via field trials, and in part via modelling studies, the potential to reduce urban emissions through the use of radical alternatives to conventional transport systems is under investigation - examples include the introduction of autonomous [electric] vehicles, on-demand bus services, and the use of city-wide real-time data to improve travellers’ options and reduce carbon footprints. Finally there is an increasing emphasis on research in the areas of nuclear engineering and aerosol science.

Prospective research students are encouraged to email the Energy Group Administrator or members of staff in charge of projects in which they are especially interested. We are not accepting applications for internships at present.